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Reishi Powder

Reishi Powder

Reishi, The Zen Mushroom! Don't allow Stress, Anxiety and lack of a good night sleep control your mood. Take care of your mental health with our 100% natural, organic, chemical-free, additive-free Mushies Reishi powder.
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Reishi Powder
Reishi Powder

What are the BENEFITS ?

Reishi, the ZEN mushroom, is often celebrated in traditional medicine as a natural boon for mental health, offering a serene oasis in the hustle of modern life. Reishi helps regulate the parasympathetic nervous system, therefore reducing both physical and mental stress, this calming effect is especially beneficial for those dealing with anxiety, promoting a sense of tranquility and emotional well-being. Additionally, Reishi can enhance sleep quality and helps to alleviate insomnia. By fostering a more restful sleep pattern, it indirectly supports cognitive functions and mood regulation.

What does SCIENCE say ?

Multiple peer reviewed studies (1)(2)(3)(4) have shown that mental health benefits of Reishi are attributed to its bioactive compounds (Triterpenes and beta-Glucan polysaccharides) that induces body relaxation and regulating sleep cycles. These adaptogens have also been shown to interact with something called the GABA (Gamma-Aminobutyric acid) pathway. Known as β€œthe brakes of the brain”, GABA is an inhibitory neurotransmitter which lowers neural activity and so promotes sleep. Studies have found that the impact Reishi has on the GABA pathway is another reason why it can help us to fall asleep faster and stay asleepΒ for longer.

What does it TASTE like ?

Reishi powder offers a distinctive, woody flavor with a hint of bitter undertones, similar to black tea, creating a grounding and enriching addition to your beverages, perfect for those seeking a natural, earthy essence in their drinks.

The Mushies Promise

We are mycologists. Quality, transparency and potency is a big deal for us.

We believe that a Healthy Drink that Supports your Body and Mind should NOT have any processed ingredients.

Mushies are made from 100% organic mushroom fruit bodies, No Mycelium or starches, No additives, No sweeteners and No Flavorings.

Mushies lovers rave about the potency of our products and how it changed their lives to the better, we invite you to be one of them.

How to prepare your Mushies

Kickstart your healing journey with these easy steps

Add 1 tsp in a cup

Pour hot water | tea | coffee | any beverage of choice

Stir Well

Did you know that you can add Mushies to your meals ?

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