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Join the Mushies Revolution


Heal your body and mind with our functional mushrooms the Natural way.

100% Natural, No processed ingredients, No additives.


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Meet the Mushies

The 5 most ANCIENT and POWERFUL Mushrooms

Single Mushies Powders

100% Mushrooms with nothing else is what you NEED for a healthy BODY and MIND

The Mushies Promise

We are mycologists. Quality, transparency and potency is a big deal for us.

We believe that a Healthy Drink that Supports your Body and Mind should NOT have any processed ingredients.

Mushies are freshly prepared from 100% organic mushroom fruit bodies, No mycelium or starches, No additives, No sweeteners and No flavorings.

Mushies lovers rave about the potency of our products and how it changed their lives to the better, we invite you to be one of them.

Mushies Blends

We MIX it for you

How to prepare your Mushies

Kickstart your healing journey with these 3 easy steps

Add 1 tsp in a cup

Pour hot water | tea | coffee | any beverage of choice

Stir well

Did you know you can add Mushies to your meals ?

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The perfect gift is the gift of HEALTH

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