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Morning Blend

Morning Blend

Packed with 3 mushrooms (Cordyceps, Lion's Mane and Chaga), Morning blend will help you experience all-day energy, focus and wellbeing without the crashes and jitters of caffeine. To coffee or not to coffee, enjoy your healthy morning routine with our 100% natural, organic, chemical-free, additive-free Mushies Morning Blend powder.

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Morning Blend
Morning Blend

What are the BENEFITS ?

Morning blend, your new Morning ritual, is a blend of 3 mushrooms boosting your Energy (Cordyceps), Focus (Lion's Mane) and overall Wellbeing (Chaga) for a productive day. Morning blend has helped many ditch their coffee as it's easy on the stomach, does not cause energy crashes or jitters and helps awaken your presence and gives you the focus and drive that Coffee provides without the side effects. For coffee lovers, morning blend enhances your morning coffee for a huge additional boost and exotic flavor.

What does SCIENCE say ?

Multiple peer reviewed studies have been submitted and approved to the body of medical science. For more information please head over to the science section of each mushroom.

What does it TASTE like ?

Morning blend tastes like a mix between coffee and cacao with thick vanilla creamy aftertaste. It can completely act as a direct replacement to your coffee latte drink.

The Mushies Promise

We are mycologists. Quality, transparency and potency is a big deal for us.

We believe that a Healthy Drink that Supports your Body and Mind should NOT have any processed ingredients.

Mushies are made from 100% organic mushroom fruit bodies, No Mycelium or starches, No additives, No sweeteners and No Flavorings.

Mushies lovers rave about the potency of our products and how it changed their lives to the better, we invite you to be one of them.

How to prepare your Mushies

Kickstart your healing journey with these easy steps

Add 1 tsp in a cup

Pour hot water | tea | coffee | any beverage of choice

Stir Well

Did you know that you can add Mushies to your meals ?

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